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Today, taking a #chillpill wouldn’t have even scratched the surface of calming my anger. I have been struggling with high levels of stress for the past few months and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I threw out the ideas of working out for physical health today. I am now going to workout daily for my mental health. Because if I can’t get it right in the inside, there’s no way in hell I can get it right on the outside. #therapy #focus #t25 #beachbody #shrednation

Bare with me people, this is an ode to my dear old boots! On the left in the first picture are my favorite boots. I have loved these boots so much I bought another pair. They aren’t expensive by any means, but they are the best boots I’ve ever owned. They’re scuffed, torn, smelly and literally falling to pieces. If it weren’t for the casualty of my split sole two days ago, I would probably have continued wearing them #evenducttapecantfixthat . So I bid adieu to these friends of my feet. We’ve been a lot of places, walked many, many miles together, and I hate to see them go! #oldboots #newboots #shoelover

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